Vatika Oil- My new Pre-Poo


After reading Hairscapades review on Vatika Oil I decided to try it. I went to my local Indian grocery store and after looking lost for about 5 minutes I found it. I was in awe at all the things they had for a cheap price!

My Review:

I decided that my hair needed to be washed after wearing it in a puff and banana clip since Friday. I pre pooed with the Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil. My first thought after melting it in a bowl of warm water was the smell. I cook with ginger so I am very used to the smell. But the gingery smell caught me off guard. It is a very strong odor that I could not smell on a daily basis. So a pre poo is as far as I can go with this oil.

After I let the oil sit in my hair for about 30 minutes I washed it out with Keracare Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo, and DC with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner for about and hour without heat.


Result: I liked it. I could feel and see and the difference in my hair. My hair felt so soft! It looked so moisturized! This will definitely be a staple in my regimen!


About Kaniece

I am a 26 year old mother and natural. I have been natural for about 18 months after a 12 month transition. I am always looking for new ways to help my hair grow along with my 3 year old natural daughter.

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